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For the past 100 years, since our founding in 1910, we have devoted heart and soul to "better marine engine manufacturing." And now, our small bore two-stroke engine with 300-460mm diameter cylinders has earned the top share of the world's market. The ships they are used on boast impressive transport capacity and efficiency, playing a leading role in global logistics. This is especially pertinent to Japan, surrounded on all sides by ocean, and relying on necessary resources that come from overseas. More than 99% of the total trade volume is brought via sea transport, and this situation is not expected to greatly change moving into the future. These circumstances have not kept the technology used in engines from rapidly evolving. These days, in addition to meeting economic demands, advanced eco-performance has become crucial. The common practices involved with traditional marine engines are changing—a paradigm shift has occurred. To respond quickly and flexibly to the changes in this new environment, we are continuing to evolve in ways that allow us to maintain the level of value our engines have always had, which as a marine engine manufacturer we recognize is key to our success.

In 1973, we signed a technical assistance agreement with Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd., which is a representative force of Japan's shipbuilding and engine manufacturing; further, in being approved in a licensing agreement with the company that currently holds over an 80% worldwide share in two-stroke diesel engines, MAN Energy Solutions, we have laid our company's current foundation. In addition, we have made many significant choices aimed at evolving as a marine engine manufacturer, from switching from four-stroke to two-stroke, to moving from the domestic market to the international market. Now, at our company, in addition to the production of new engines, with around 1,000 vessels using our engines around the world, we are focused on growing our "after-sales service" framework. We want to be like a "parent" looking after the engines we have made, and we intend to support the whole of their 20+ year lifespan, which we consider to be the end goal of our company's mission. With our technological prowess and spirit of always rising to a challenge that has been cultivated over the past century, along with our partnerships with Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd. and MAN Energy Solutions, we have a strong commitment to opening up new horizons in the marine diesel engine industry.

President Yu Makita Alongside Japan's first diesel engine made by Makita Corporation founder Hisashi Makita, a solid injection four-stroke diesel engine (made in 1927)