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Company Policy

Management Philosophy We aim to contribute to the growth and safety of marine transport through the production and servicing of marine diesel engines.

Mission Statement

We pledge to put forth a sincere and honest effort in all we do to serve the needs of the businesses of our customers; to stress the importance of trust and reliability while improving quality and technology; and to endeavor to develop positive corporate business through harmonious cooperation.

Business Policies


We always ensure great satisfaction to our customers by providing reliable products along with rapid response, high-quality services.

2.Harmonious Cooperation

We work together united in our aspirations, sharing one mind and helping each other through cooperative efforts to achieve our goals.

3.Ambitious Goals

Our goal is to be No. 1 in our industry, and with our pride as professionals we are always seeking to maximize our capabilities. With a spirit of exploration and curiosity, we are proactive in personal development, and work hard to foster expertise, talent, and creative thinking.

4.Mutually Beneficial Coexistence with the Local Community

As a member of the community, we strive to work in cooperation with the local area so that we might develop together harmoniously.


We operate in compliance with all laws and regulations, as well as our own in-house rules and provisions.