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We work at maintaining close relationships with our clients and earning their trust through our flexibility and promptness.
Well-trained service engineers of our partner companies are stationed at main ports overseas making it possible to provide worldwide service.

Performance Analysis

Pinpointing the engine’s malfunctions can be difficult and data analysis can be complicated.
Engine performance data should be sent to us periodically so that we can check the current condition of engines, and offer consultation suited to the situation or advice regarding any precautions to be taken. Of course this data will be stored in our database and specialized staff will ensure the longevity of your engines. Performance analysis is dependent upon the type of engine.

ME Engines

For a charge, we analyze the engine data online using the e-GICS/MAKITA system.

Introduction of e-GICS/MAKITA

MC Engines

Please send us the performance analysis form completed with engine data by e-mail or fax. You can download the form on the page for members only.
We will send you back the analysis results free of charge.

  • ※You can download the analysis form on the page for members only. (Registration is required.)

Parts Sales

We are making efforts to provide quality service for you by submitting quotations quickly, supplying better quality parts with lower costs, and delivering goods faster in order that our clients can use our engines without concerns, and we can ensure safe operation.


For the safer and longer use of the engines, we are making several proposals, such as retrofitting to MPL Lubricators (for the optimization of cylinder lubricating oil) and Slide-type Fuel Valves (for the low load operation and reduction of fuel oil).

Other Consultations

If you have any questions or requests for advice, please feel free to contact us by telephone.
Our technical staff will provide reliable support.